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``More than a 3D ontology visualization tool''

Architecture overview
Architecture Overview

The architecture of the tool ideally conforms to the Model-View-Controller design pattern.

Ontosphere3D implements such design pattern by using an internal representation of model that depends on an ontology abstraction layer, and different graphical scene managers that presents the information at different detail levels, each according to its own strategy. 

The role of the controller in the tool is played by the Pane3DScene component that loads the ontology model and hosts the 3D canvas where the different scene managers represent the information.

The controller also manages the scene manipulation behaviors and controls the scene transition animations that organize the flow of elements on the screen between two different visualization schemes.

Supporting new Data Models.

At the moment the tool only support the visualization of ontologies specified through OWL language but the ontology abstraction layer present in the architecture allows for the support of other ontology languages (as RDFS or KIF) or specific XML formats. If you are interested in extending the tool in order to support new formalism and you need help, please contact us..  

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